Jan 21, 2014

[gamesindustry] SoftBank leads $120m investment round in Chinese app store

SoftBank Corp. was at the forefront of a $120 million funding round for Wandoujia, one of the premier app stores in the fragmented Chinese mobile market. 
This series B round also featured contributions from Wandoujia's series A investors, DCM and Innovation Works Development Fund. This new injection of capital leaves the company well placed to strengthen its position in the Chinese mobile market, which is dominated by Google's Android OS. ...
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gamesindustry 1/13/2014 [en]

  • Softbank is aggressively increasing its portfolio in mobile gaming recently. GungHo and Supercell, both of which are top mobile gaming company in the world, became a subsidiary of the telecom operator. It is interesting to see how Softbank gets into Chinese mobile market.
  • http://www.wandoujia.com/

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