Jan 11, 2014

[The Next Web] Japanese recipe site Cookpad expands abroad with acquisition of Allthecooks and Mis Recetas

Cookpad, Japan’s top recipe website, is making an aggressive international push by acquiring Spain’s Mis Recetas and an equity interest in social cooking app Allthecooks. The move follows the launch of Cookpad’s English site earlier this year. ...
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The Next Web 12/20/2013 [en]

  • Cookpad has over 20 million monthly active users only in Japan including 1.1 million premium users who pays 294 yen per month to use many premium functions including recipe ranking. More than a half of 20 million come from mobile. Considering its steadily growing user base and rubust business model, It might be possible to go global even earlier. It is very interesting how the company expand to overseas taking advantage of the acquisitions.
  • http://cookpad.com/

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