Aug 17, 2010

[Asiajin] Gree And DeNA Competition Heats Up: Both Announce Cash Rewards To New Employees

Asiajin 8/17/2010
DeNA, who runs Mobage Town, one of Japan’s most successful social networks, sparked a hiring war yesterday to post their new incentive reward. On the announcement, DeNA tells they will pay extra 2 million yen($23,400) besides annual salary to newly hired engineers who directly applied via their website and is approved between August 15th to October 31st.
An astounding coincidence happened the same 16th, Gree, who was just confirmed to became Japan’s No.1 social networking service few days ago, tweeted on their official Twitter account @gree_news that they will pay at most 2 million yen($23,400) as a preparation fee for engineers join to Gree between August 15th and November 30th. The period is one month longer here. ...

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