Aug 2, 2010

DeNA makes tremendous growth reaching 50 billion yen of revenue for the first half

The forecast of the first half of 2010 (Apr. to Sep.) is as follows. A revenue is 50 billion yen and an operating profit is 24 billion yen. The revenue exceeds that of the last whole year.

Both in-house developed games such as Kaito Royale and third parties' games are growing favorably, which is a growth engine. Social games related sales including item sales, in-game ads and sales of in-house games to mixi is 15.9 billion yen which is 1.5 times as the last quarter.

The company plans to launch Yahoo! Moba-ge, social game site for PC and also makes it possible for smartphone to access. It also focuses on global expansion aiming at the global number one company of a social game. Ms. Namba, CEO of the company said that the company is actually very close to that position.

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