Aug 5, 2010

Bizreach Launches Coupon Group Buying Service, LUXA

LUXA starts in Tokyo for the first area, followed by Yokohama on August 6 and Sendai on August 17. It plans to expand areas among major cities of the whole country.

There are already about 20 companies starting coupon group buying service. The company explains the difference with other services that it starts based on users of its job matching site, Bizreach.

Bizreach focuses on jobs with over 10 million yen of annual salary. A number of the members of the service surpasses 35 thousands. Among the members, requests for courtesy services such as credit card services are offering are increasing. Also many businesses have asked to promote their services targeting for its members with over 10 million yen of annual salary. LUXA is developed to link those members and businesses each other.

It targets business persons with high Internet literacy and high-income and also late 20's and 30's women.

CNET 8/5/2010

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