Aug 30, 2010

Digital Telopper EN-NL1068 displaying comments of NicoNico Jikkyo on TV

Entis starts to sell Digital Telopper EN-NL1068 on September, which superimposes text obtained through Internet on full HD TV images in real-time. By setting the device between recorder or CATV tuner and TV, connecting the Internet and selecting TV program, comments of NicoNico Jikkyo is to be displayed on TV.

The company plans to display other text sources such as RSS, 2 Channel, and Twitter. The price is 19,800 yen.

NicoNico Jikkyo is one of services of NicoNico Doga, in which users share feelings about TV programs. The service has Web version which users use with browser and NicoNico Jikkyo App which users use with TV tuner enabled PC superimposing TV display.

Yomiuri 8/29/2010 

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