Aug 12, 2010

Human Translation Service, myGengo raises 50 million yen

myGengo announced to raise 50 million yen from 10 angel investors here and abroad. myGengo is a translation platform which matches over 1000 of multi-national translators registered on the site and clients. The price is divided into 3 layers depending on level of translators. In April, the Tokyo-based company launched an API allowing customers to introduce the human translation service into their own web sites.

Following investors and others collectively take 15% of the company's share.
   - Felix Miller ( founder)
   - Dave McClure (Silicon Valley based angel investor. He invests through his operating fund, 500 Startups)
   - Christoph Janz (DealPilot and PageFlakes founder)
   - Brian Nelson  (ValueCommerce CEO)
   - Benjamin Joffe (Plus 8 Star founder)
   - Joshua Schachter (Delicious founder)

CNET 8/12/2010

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