Aug 6, 2010

CCC Affiliates Fujisan, Online Shopping Site Of Magazine

CCC, DVD rental shop,TSUTAYA, operator, partners with Fujisan Magazine Service by obtaining 26.67% of shares with 167 million yen. The percentage will be 33.33% by taking new shares that Fujisan plans to issue in late August.

Fujisan operates which sells over 8,000 magazines including back number. It also deals more than 400 digital magazines, 350 of which is available with iPhone/iPad.

In addition to linking magazine sales with TSUTAYA shops and other CCC's services, both companies plan to launch ebook service.

ITmedia 8/4/2010

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  1. Hi, I have been reading this blog for some time now but never bothered to comment until today. Wanted to let you know that I am a fan and enjoy your work. Thanks