Feb 1, 2011

[Asiajin] Social Translation Service Conyac Integrates Facebook And Badgeville

Asiajin 2/1/2011
Tokyo-based tech start-up Anydoor announced today that it had completed the integration of its social translation service Conyac with Facebook and social rewards platform Badgeville, which allows potential users to join the service more easily and to motivate participating users to be engaged.
Conyac enables you to request a translation easily. Users can ask for translations in exchange for a small amount of money and other users around the world can then translate the requests, receiving rewards in return.

Integrating Facebook enables Facebook users to become a Coynac user (translation requester or translator) without entering a bunch of user information, and integrating Badgeville enables them to earn rewards when finishing someone’s translation request or evaluating someone’s translation result. ...

  • Social translation service is becoming popular. myGengo is another popular service from Japan. 
  • Conyac targets consumers as customers but myGengo more focuses on business customers. 

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