Feb 2, 2011

Clwit collaborate with Ustream Asia to provide social shopping with live video streaming /Venture Now

Clwit, social streaming service provider, revealed that it will start official service of "Social Tsuhan" (social shopping) using Ustream from this April.

Social Tsuhan is an online shopping platform which combines live video using Ustream, Clwit's social stream, wiwit live, and detailed information of goods/services and ordering button. wiwit live makes possible to place live video and social streams like Twitter into the same view.

By just adding iframe tag of one line into existing web site, it enables real-time and interactive online shopping service linking live video and social media such as Twitter.

Venture Now 2/1/2011

  • The market volume only for PC could be limited, but it would be very interesting to provide the service on TV.

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