Feb 11, 2011

Pankia, social game platform for smartphone hits 5M users /ITmedia

Pankaku announced that its social platform, Pankia, surpassed five million users for eight months after the launch.

Pankia is a social SDK for iPhone and Android, which includes item management, store function, matching-up players, ranking, achievement and linkage with Twitter/Facebook. Application developers can add those functions into their games without spending a lot of cost.

The company also provides Pankia for OEM, which allows developers to operate their own social platform.

ITmedia 2/10/2011

  • Pankaku became famous with its iPhone game, LightBike ranked top 1 in paid application on AppStore in the US. Needless to say, the game adopts the platform.
  • The company looks to global market from the beginning, which is quite rare for Japanese startups.

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