Feb 11, 2011

mixi provides real-check for places or goods using NFC /CNET

On February 9th, mixi started to provide mixi check and mixi check-in utilizing NFC technology. mixi check and mixi check-in using NFC are respectively called mixi real-check and mixi real-check-in. For example, visitors for a shop can use mixi check or mixi check-in by just holding Android device over NFC tag attached POP advertisement in the shop.

According to mixi, it is the world first service to combine NFC for android and location information. Android 2.3 devices are available and currently there is only Google Nexus S.

mixi extends mixi check to places or goods in real world. Attaching NFC tag on posters or books allows users to share information with friends or to see review from them.

CNET 2/10/2011

  • The service is not available for most of users at the present moment, but it seems to have huge potential combining several trendy aspects of Internet such as mobile, real-time, social, location and O2O.

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