Feb 28, 2011

Samurai Fund II invests in Bukupe, social book summary site /CNET Japan

Bukupe is the first investments from Samuri Fund II, which Samurai Incubate operates. Bukupe is just established on February 28th. CEO is a startup member of where 2.0, internal business of Samurai Incubate.

Bukupe plans to launch social reading service, Bukupe, providing features such as "Summary of books" allowing to sum up reviews or impressions of a book with Wiki-like interface and "My ronbun" letting users to integrate contents of various books into one.

CNET 2/28/2011

  • Samurai Incubate is an incubator focused on seed/early stage startups. From its first fund, it invests in several startups including Anydoor, social translation, Nobot, smartphone ad network, and Sassor, energy consumption management.

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