Feb 2, 2011

[Teclosion] Business partnership between Nobot and Smaato in mobile ad distribution

Teclosion 2/2/2011
Nobot, a public company that operates the ad network “AdMaker” for the Smartphone has formed a business partnership with Smaato Inc., a company with a global mobile advertising platform that proudly ranks in first place in the world as the leading mobile advertising optimization platform. 
These two companies have integrated their advertising delivery systems in order to provide one solution for the mobile advertising market in Japan.

  • Nobot has been actively developing partnership with overseas advertising platforms including US-based mobile-worx and Mojiva and Singapore-based Buzz City.
  • Smartphone applications such as games are becoming more and more global due to its nature, but ads may be more local oriented. In that sense, it looks good strategy for a startup like Nobot to go global taking advantage of partnership with local players in order to compete with giant rivals such as iAd of Apple or AdMob of Google. 

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