Apr 7, 2011

EC Navi Ventures invests in Cotobank, e-learning service /Cnet

EC Navi's 100% subsidiary, EC Navi Ventures announced that it invested in Cotobank on April 7th. Cotobank is a startup providing online language learning services such as EXE, English conversation crash course for management executives, and SQRIPT, business English learning site.

The amount is not disclosed but EC Navi Ventures revealed it is within the VC's usual range between 1 to 10 million yen.

EC Navi group has made several investments here and abroad, but this is the first deal for EC Navi Ventures founded on this March.

Cnet 4/7/2011

  • Relatively small amount of seed investments is getting more and more popular in Internet industry. Samurai Incubate is the leader of the kind of investors, which has already made four investments for the last two months.

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