Apr 13, 2011

Fashion community, Poupeegirl surpasses 1million members, 46% from overseas /Venture Now

Poupeegirl launched in February 2007 with both Japanese and English. Users enjoy dress-up of a character called Poupee or share photos of their own fashion items such as cloths or small items with friends. As of the end of March 2011, foreign users share around a half, 46%.

According to CyberAgent, a parent company of Poupeegirl, user share by language is as follows, English 20%, Portuguese 9%, Spanish 6% and Chinese 4%. The company says that foreign users are increasing mainly by word-of-mouth on local social networking services.

The basic business model is virtual goods sales. It provides fashion items to arouse users to dress-up Poupee.

Venture Now 4/13/2011

  • CyberAgent runs another avatar based community service Ameba Pico for global market, in which many of foreign users seem to be located in South East Asia. It is interesting that Poupeegirl looks like attracting users in other regions.

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