Apr 17, 2011

Royal Gate to launch credit card transaction service with Android/iPhone /WirelessWire News

Royal Gate announced to launch PAYGATE which allows users to use Android or iOS smartphone for credit card transaction. The service uses its original Bluetooth enabled credit card reader.

To use the service, users first install PAYGATE, credit card reader application. Credit card number is encrypted on the reader before sending to smartphones via Bluetooth, which ensures security. Also in order to increase a level of security, the readers are managed with individual ID.

The company expects that it is to be used in such cases as a credit card transaction is required in front of customers including insurance salespersons, home delivery, moving company, bike delivery riders, classy boutiques, and hotels. Royal Gate partners with Toyota Finance and Mitsui Sumitomo Card for credit card member stores recruiting, GMO Payment Gateway for credit card transaction service, COC for sales, and Netindex for Bluetooth reader development.

WirelessWire News 4/15/2011

  • The service is similar to Square, US-based service which is very popular in media. One of the differences is it uses Bluetooth. 

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