Apr 8, 2011

Shareee acquires group coupon buying Qpon, subsidiary of Netprice /Venture Now

Sharee accelerates to increase its market share in group coupon buying business to acquire a whole share of Dealmate, Qpon operator owned by Netprice.

Dealmate was founded by Netprice and Digital Garage to launch Qpon since 2010 June holding 80 thousands members as of today. Netprice determined that it is difficult to maintain the business solely in the fierce competition. Netprice once bought all shares that Digital Garage had held for the sellout.

Venture Now 4/7/2011

  • Shareee was launched on 2010 August by SBI Investment, Hikari Tsuhshin and e-Machi town.
  • In the Groupon clone market, two largest providers, Groupon Japan and Ponpare by Recruit leave others far behind. M&A is likely increasing this year.

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