Apr 14, 2011

Realworld provides translation service by crowd sourcing /Cnet

Realworld launched translation service on its crowd sourcing service, CROWD. It costs 0.6 yen per one character. Data input costs 0.2 yen per a character

CROWD is a crowd sourcing service which allows users to outsource tasks for 7.6 million members of "REALWORLD", a social site.

The company expects that the service will be used for exporting anime or manga. In order to raise the precision of translation, it changes original sentences into standard language. The service prepares two options for translation, human translation and machine translation. After translation, another user checks it.

Cnet 4/14/2011

  • There are several crowd sourcing translation such as myGengo and Conyac, but the price of CROWD is competitive. Also it is unique that it focuses on translation of anime and manga.

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