Apr 5, 2011

Otsuka Corporation holds Venture Discovery Conference on June 6 /asahi.com

The conference is held twice a year to pursue partnership with IT related startups. The company has joint venture fund with Yasuda Enterprise Development, a large VC, which invests in the startups based on their request to actively support business launch and growth of those startups.

It has so far had 390 applications among which 107 gave presentation and 12 companies have partnership. The company said the startups can take advantage of its marketing method and sales channels (830 thousands customer base) to sell technology or products efficiently and smoothly. Otsuka Corporation expands and strengthens its service by combining technology or products of startups with its solutions keeping down R&D cost.

asahi.com 4/4/2011

  • Otsuka Corporation is one of the largest VAR in Japan providing system integration, OA system, and software development.

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