Jul 25, 2012

Aiming Raises 600M Yen From Jafco / Aiming Press Release

Aiming develops Lord of Knights, iOS application, Ken to Maho No Logres, a browser game as well as many applications for PC and smartphone jointly with partner companies.

With this fundraising, it aims to build development capability to compete for smartphone and PC game market in the world and business development network.

Aiming Press Release 7/24/2012 [jp]


  • Aiming was founded just a year ago and raised 1.2 billion yen in September 2011, just after 3 months of the establishment. The company has mainly developed RPG for PC. It is interesting to see whether it more focuses on more growing market, mobile, which would require different capability than RPG for PC. 
  • http://aiming-inc.com

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