Jul 4, 2012

CyberAgent Ventures Invests In A-STAR, Engineer Recruiting Platform / CyberAgent Ventures Press Release

A-STAR operates A-STAR.com, a web platform allowing to recruit any type of employment pattern focusing on engineers. Employers can reduce cost and time for recruiting. It aims to network around 10,000 software companies who provides engineers for dispatch to enable companies to directly access to 610,000 engineers in Japan. ...

CyberAgent Ventures Press Release 7/2/2012 [jp]

  • Employers can post any type of employment from permanent staff, temporally staff, dispatch, to subcontracting. Recruiting or temporally job posting seems a traditional area for web services, but recently services in the area are increasing such as CrowdWorks, garbs, Wantedly, or Social Recruiting. Interestingly, CyberAgent invests in CrowdWorks and garbs as well.
  • http://agency-star.com/

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