Jul 4, 2012

[Press Release] CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. Establishes the New Office in Korea

CyberAgent Ventures, Inc., a subsidiary of CyberAgent, Inc., announces to establish its new office in Seoul, Korea in August 2012. 
CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. (CAV) has invested in over 30 Internet-related start-ups in Mainland China,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea. In Korea, CAV invested in Kakao Corp in 2011, which runs a messaging application named KAKAO TALK with over 40 million registered users. CAV believes that the extremely high Internet and smartphone penetration as well as the abundant numbers of entrepreneurs make Korea very promising market for CAV. ...
CyberAgent Ventures Press Release 7/4/2012 [en]

  • Some Japanese Internet companies or venture capitals invest in startups in South East Asia, but few in Korea. It may be considered to be more difficult market for venture investment. CAV has already had a portfolio in Korea, from which it may get confidence to succeed in Korea as well as other Asian countries. 

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