Jul 10, 2012

Coffee Meeting Operator, Le-Le-Le Raises 3M Yen From Incubate Fund / Venture Now

Coffee Meeting allows users to set up a meeting with a bit of spare time. Mr. Yamamoto, a founder of Le-Le-Le, launched Coffee Meeting in this February when working at Recruit Media Communications. Since it was highly evaluated at Incubate Camp in the beginning of the year in addition to the growth of users after the launch and high matching rate, he founded the company in May.

A characteristic of Coffee Meeting is that it does not need arrangement of time and place beforehand. It lets users to post time and place for a meeting, and other users apply for the meeting, which makes meetings take place smoothly. A total number of meetings which actually happened is 3,900. ...

Venture Now 7/10/2012 [jp]

  • Similar social matching services with food or drink have been hot from last year, but Coffee Meeting looks one of the most popular services. It may be because having coffee is more casual than eating dinner or lunch. However, different from social dining, which can monetize from restaurants, it would be more difficult to make money. It is interesting to see how it will develop a business model.
  • http://coffeemeeting.jp/

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