Jul 12, 2012

CyberAgent Ventures Invest In Piece of Cake to Launch Contents Distribution Platform In Summer / Cnet Japan

Piece of Cake is founded on December, 2011. Femto Startup, a seed investment fund, has supported from the foundation.

Piece of Cake develops digital contents distribution platform, cakes, which is planned to be released in this summer.

cakes plans to distribute various types of contents with subscription base. Readers can enjoy contents freely with 150 yen per month. ...

Cnet Japan 7/11/2012 [jp]

  • Subscription-based free access service seems finally getting popular this year in Japan. Sony just launched Music Unlimited and KDDI also started subscription based services for application, Smart Pass, video, Video Pass, and music, Uta Pass targeting for its users. cakes seems to focus on ebooks, or contents for reading. It may be competing or collaborating with big players like Amazon or Rakuten, both launch ebook reader from this year in Japan.
  • http://www.pieceofcake.co.jp/

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