Jul 4, 2012

KDDI Partners With LINE Releasing au Version / ITmedia

On July 2nd, KDDI announced a partnership with NHN Japan regarding LINE. It will launch LINE for au smartphone as well as cooperate for protecting minors.

KDDI will use LINE for promotion of au Smart Pass, which allows users unlimited use of applications with fixed charge. In September, KDDI will release LINE dedicated for au Smart Pass and provide stickers limited for the version with original characters. Also, it will co-promote LINE for au Smart Pass users such as distributing news and information about au Smart Pass with a LINE official account. ...

ITmedia 7/3/2012 [jp]

  • NHN Japan announced a new road map of LINE at LINE Conference on July 3rd. It aims to evolve LINE from a simple communication tool to a social networking platform. It plans to add time-line similar to Facebook as well as providing API to third party developers to offer games, fortune telling, and coupons. NHN Japan also revealed that LINE has 45 million users world wide among whom 20 million in Japan.
  • http://line.naver.jp/en/

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