Jul 25, 2012

Photo Cloud Service guPix Operator, Ripplex Raises 800M Yen From INCJ And Others / TechCrunch Japan

Ripplex announced allocation of new shares to Innovation Network Corporation of Japan and Lead Capital Management to raise 800 million yen. Ripplex currently focuses on photo platform, guPix and it plans to use the money for development and marketing of guPix.

guPix is currently available on Windows and Android. The application enables to manage photos stored in digital camera, smartphone, PC, and memory card on cloud. It seems competing with flicker, Picasa, or iCloud, but actually it complements those cloud services.

To be more precise, guPix application reduces size of original photos and stores the smaller photos on guPix cloud. Since the photo data links with guPix application on Windows or Android, users can see where the original photos are stored. The reduced size is large enough to view on Android device or share on social networking services. It also links with Dropbox which allows to search photos on Dropbox. ...

TechCrunch Japan 7/25/2012 [jp]

  • The amount is relatively large. Recently such scale of investment seems gradually increasing. Another photo cloud service, Bitcellar raised 420 million yen in this April. 
  • http://www.ripplex.com

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