Jan 23, 2013

Dentsu Digital Holdings Invest In EhonNavi / MarkeZine

Dentsu Digital Holdings invests in EhonNavi through its operating Dentsu Digital Fund.

Ehon Navi is largest scale of picture books site in Japan with original features such as evaluation ranking, review, and preview of a whole book which is available only once. In addition to purchasing picture books in the site, it provides subscription based delivery service, Ehon Club. It also plans to launch premium user service to allow them to use Ehon Navi more conveniently.

MarkeZine 1/22/2013 [jp]

  • In addition to paper books, it also sells digital books for tablet or smartphone. But it looks still small portion of the site. There will be growth opportunity for ebooks. 
  • http://www.ehonnavi.net/

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