Jan 18, 2013

Yahoo Japan Acquires Katy, Mynet's Mobile CRM Business For 350M Yen / Venture Now

Yahoo Japan announced that it acquires a part of mobile CRM business of Mynet with 350 million yen to strengthen O2O business.

The CRM business is a mobile CRM business, Katy, targeting shops and restaurants, which was launched in January 2007 by Mynet. As of December 31, 2012, around 35,000 shops use the service. The revenue is 216 million yen with 86 million yen of operating profit. The service will be managed by Yahoo Japan from March 1st. ...

Venture Now 1/17/2013 [jp]

  • Yahoo Japan continues aggressive growth strategy in 2013. Many startups may expect Yahoo as their exit goal. Mynet has been focusing on mobile social game since the last year and with the sold out of CRM business, it can 100% concentrate on the gaming business.
  • http://mynet.co.jp/

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