Jan 8, 2013

Geniee Partners With Yahoo! Asia Pacific To Allow Advertisers In APAC Place Ads In Japan / MarkeZine

Internet ad revenue maximization platform, Geniee SSP, provider Geniee partnered with Yahoo! Asia Pacific through its subsidiary. It provides ad inventory of premium publishers in Japan to Yahoo! Asia Pacific which allows advertisers in South East Asia placing ads on Yahoo! Asia Pacific to distribute campaign for Japan market.

Geniee established a subsidiary, Geniee International on October, 2012 to expand globally.

MarketZine 1/7/2013 [jp]

  • Along with growth of DSP/SSP and RTB in Japan, a competition in the domestic market may have been fiercer. It is still unclear how many South Ease Asian advertisers target Japan market, but it would be a good start for global expansion.
  • http://geniee.co.jp/

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