Jan 25, 2013

[e27] Fuji Startup Ventures established a JPY1.5B fund for integrating apps and technology into TV programs

Japan’s Fuji TV has setup a 1.5 billion yen fund to invest in startups that develop applications and services that have potential in being integrated into TV programming. Nikkei reports that the new venture capital fund (about US$17 million) aims to create business synergies between these startups and the many subsidiaries and businesses that Fuji TV runs, including radio stations, the recording business and mail-order shopping. 
e27 1/24/2013 [en]

  • Corporate VC activities are becoming more and more active recently. Internet and telecom companies have set up their own new venture fund in the last few years including GREE, Yahoo, KDDI, Klab, gumi, and Docomo will establish 10 billion yen of fund soon even though NTT group already operates another venture fund managed by NTT Investment Partners. It is expected that the trend will boost Japan's venture ecosystem. 

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