Jan 8, 2013

[e27] Mobcast acquires online game developer Enter Crews for US$7M

On 7th January, social gaming company Mobcast announced its acquisition of online gaming developer, Enter Crews for US$7 million. The acquisition is an all-stock deal that will take effect on 1st February. 
Enter Crews was founded in September 2009 and has offices in Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. B Dash Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership is the primary shareholder of Enter Crews. The game developer has popular titles such as Sangokushi Masters and Browser Ginga Taisen. Their users grew to about 300,000 in Japan and 170,000 in South Korea in just six months. Enter Crews has over 50 employees with about 70 percent of them coming from foreign countries such as South Korea, China, Indonesia, Canada and the United Kingdoms. 
e27 1/8/2013 [en]

  • Mobcast went IPO on Tokyo Stock Exhcange Mothers market in June 2012. It aims to accelerate expansion to Asian countries with the acquisition.
  • http://www.entercrews.com/

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