Mar 18, 2013

Asset Management Tool Provider, Money Forward Raises Around 100M Yen / Cnet Japan

Money Forward announced an allocation of new shares to individual investors, WIT Corporation, and founders to raise 102.6 million yen.

With the capital, the company plans to hire engineers aiming to strengthen corporate structure as well as to develop asset and household budget management tool, Money Forward, and to build a platform related to money for individuals.

Money Forward allows users to manage multi accounts at once to automatically keep household accounts. It has a web site and iPhone app. ...

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Cnet Japan 3/14/2013 [jp]

  • WIT Corporation is an research institute founded by Waseda University to deploy advanced information science and technology in industries. It seems not its core service to invest in a B2C service such as Money Forward. Money Forward may plan to utilize technology developed in WIT Corporation for its money platform for individuals.

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