Mar 29, 2013

Geniee Fundraises From Opt Aiming To Strengthen Geniee SSP / Geniee press release

Geniee announced allocation of new shares to Opt. Geniee is an ad tech company to provide Internet ad revenue maximization platform, Geniee SSP.

Since is launch in April 2010, the company has been rapidly growing by partnering with DSP, ad exchange, and ad network in 10 countries including Japan. ...

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Geniee press release 3/29/2013 [jp]

  • The amount is not disclosed. Geniee raised capital from Gree in 2012 and Yahoo Japan recently. It raises from investors who could bring concrete strategic value. Opt subsidized Singapore-based ad network, CDA a week ago. Geniee opened a Singapore office in 2012, so both could cooperate in South East Asia as well.

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