Mar 19, 2013

[e27] Japan’s e-marketing company Opt acquires Catcha Digital Asia

Japanese e-marketing company Opt Inc., one of the largest in Asia, today announced that it has acquired digital media network Catcha Digital Asia Pte Ltd (CDA) from Catcha Group Pte Ltd (“Catcha Group”). The acquisition will also see former Apple Asia Pacific Head of Online Marketing, Mitsuru Kikunaga, currently Opt’s Asia Pacific Business General Manager, stepping into the role of CDA CEO. 
Established in December 2009, CDA has offices around in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and the company is currently helmed by Mitsuru Kikunaga as CEO. Catcha Digital Asia (CDA) is a premier online advertising network that connect brands in the online world through their own suite of online media products. ...
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e27 3/19/2013 [en]

  • South East Asia is considered to be one the most attractive markets by many Japanese Internet companies, which have opened offices or invested/acquired local companies. CyberAgent and GREE aggressively invest in startups in the region. Septeni, another large e-marketing company and KDDI's subsidiary for advertising, Mediba set an office in Singapore in 2012 and 2011 respectively. It is expected that the move will even accelerate for a while along with the high growth in this area.

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