Mar 26, 2013

[Sd] Japanese auction price comparison site Aucfan approved for IPO in April

Aucfan, a Tokyo-based startup featuring price comparisons and quotes for items from several auction sites, was approved to IPO on Friday and is expected to be listed on the TSE Mothers stock exchange, a market for emerging companies.
Aucfan curates price quotes from major auction sites including Yahoo Auction, Moba Oku (Mobile Auction by DeNA), Rakuten Auction, and even some international sites such as eBay and Taobao. The service suggests the best bidding price for the item that you want, which is a handy feature for shoppers on the lookout for the best deals. ...
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Sd 3/25/2013 [en]

  • EC is still growing steadily and especially social and mobile are keywords driving the growth recently. Aucfan is not a service to provide such trendy features, but it would have more robust business model. It accumulates data of items sold on these auction sites such as bid price, which is provided to business users to determine selling and purchasing price. With the accumulated data, Aucfan is able to differentiate and sustain the service. If we use another trendy keyword to explain its business, big data would be relevant. 

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