Mar 12, 2013

[TechCrunch] AnyPerk Raises $1.4M From Digital Garage And Others To Help Startups Offer Perks To Employees

AnyPerk, which aims to provide companies and startups with discounts on web services and employee perks, is announcing $1.4 million in new funding from Digital Garage, Ben Lewis (a founder of Tapjoy and Karma), Michael Liou, CyberAgentVenture and Shogo Kawada (founder of DeNA).   
AnyPerk is an easy way for any company to provide perks for employees. By signing up for $5 an employee, companies can offer discounts on AMC and Regal movie tickets, money off on cable services like Dish Network, deals on Dell computers, 1800 Flowers and free coupons for Costco. ...
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TechCrunch 3/11/2013 [en]

  • AnyPerk is the first team from Japan to get in Y Combinator in early 2012. The founders also enrolled in Open Network Lab, a Y Combinator-like acceleration program in Japan organized by Digital Garage in 2011, but the service was totally different at that time. It is still too early to say they must succeed, however, the news of the finance will surely encourage entrepreneurs in Japan who want to be successful in US market. 

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