Mar 8, 2013

[Tech In Asia] Rakuten Sets Up $10 Million Startup Strategic Fund in Southeast Asia

Following Rakuten’s new Asia headquarters in Singapore, the Japanese e-commerce giant has launched a US$10 million fund in Southeast Asia to strategically invest in companies that will help them in its e-commerce ventures. Mr. Toru Shimada of Rakuten (4755:JASDAQ), who leads the fund, told me:
Within Asia, we already have e-commerce businesses in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan and plan to expand further in Southeast Asia. We not only invest in startups in Asia but also make business synergies [with startups for Rakuten’s] business.
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Tech In Asia 3/8/2013 [en]

  • Since the size, $10 million, is not so large, Rakuten probably invests mainly in seed or early stage startups in South East Asia. Among Japanese internet companies, CyberAgent has been aggressively investing in startups in the region with offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Gree is also accelerating its corporate venture activity there. There will be more Japanese companies entering the market with big potential in the near future.

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