Feb 28, 2014

Fixed Price Renovation EC, Renoco Raises 200M Yen / TechCrunch Japan

Sekaie, an operator of Renoco enabling users to order renovation online, fundraised 200 million yen from Nissay Capital. Renoco claims that it eliminates hard sell and additional charge from constructors by being in the middle between consumers and constructors. It aims to create appropriate market rate in renovation industry which has currently unclear price structure by entering with Internet power.  ...

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TechCrunch Japan 2/28/2014 [jp]

  • There increases such services as Renoco to aggregate traditional small businesses and to provide standard services in quality and pricing. Raksul in printing and Lenet in laundry may fit into the category. There may be more opportunity for the model in various industries.
  • http://www.renoco.jp/

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