Feb 14, 2014

Money Forward Fundraises From TBS And Mitsubishi UFJ Capital / Venture Now

Cloud-based accounting service, Money Forward announced raising capital from TBS Innovation Partners and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital. ...

Money Forward was launched in May 2012 providing household accounts management tool, Monety Forward which allows users to aggregate multi-accounts and automatically create housekeeping book. ...

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Venture Now 2/12/2014 [jp]

  • It is interesting that TV station company, TBS invests in the startup. From the last year, other TV companies such as Fuji TV and Nippon TV actively invest in startups, but they are mostly media and contents related startups like mobile gaming which would be able to make synergy. It is interesting to see how TBS will collaborate with Money Forward in the future.
  • https://moneyforward.com/

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