Feb 6, 2014

Rakuten Acquires Vi-VI-Vi.com, Hair Salon Search Site / Cnet Japan

Rakuten announced that it acquires 10% share of Vi-Vi-Vi.com which runs a hair salon search site with the same name as the company. The price is not disclosed.

Vi-Vi-Vi.com was launched in January 2007. The service charges hair salons completely based on a number of reservation. A number of salons reaches about 6,000. Rakuten launched online hair salon booking service from June, 2012 and it aims to strengthen hair salon related service partnering with Vi-Vi-Vi.com. ...

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Cnet Japan 2/3/2014 [en]

  • Rakuten has been continuously buying start-ups. The recent acquisition was Smapo, a shopping point service using ultrasonic waves to identify location of shops. Both acquisition shows Rakuten is expanding its service area from online only to online-to-offline.
  • http://www.vi-vi-vi.com/

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