Feb 6, 2014

[The Bridge] Japanese loyalty program startup Hyper8 raises $510,000

Tokyo-based Hyper8 Inc., the startup that operates Mespo, a loyalty program platform for restaurants and retail stores, recently announced that it has raised 51 million yen ($510,000) from MID Venture Capital, East Ventures, and two individual investors. 
Restaurants and retailers who implement Mespo can use the platform for 980 yen ($9.80) per month. When users make a purchase, they can earn points and collect them using their smartphones. A tablet device that incorporates the platform is distributed to each store, with an LTE connection as well since some stores don’t have wi-fi. At checkout, customers can collect the points by scanning a QR code displayed on the tablet. ...
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The Bridge 2/4/2014 [en]

  • Solutions targeting for retail shops such as coupon or loyalty point are rapidly increasing recently. Various technologies such as QR code, NFC, Bluetooth, ultrasonic waves, or Wifi are used for the kind of services. But there is no dominant player or technology at this moment. The unique point of Hyper8 is to distribute a tablet to each store, which may be used for some other applications.
  • http://hyper8.jp/ 

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