Feb 14, 2014

Total Amount Of Venture Fund Established In 2013 Is 194.2B Yen, More Than Sixfold Of 2012 / Venture Now

In 2013, 29 funds are established by venture capitals in Japan with 194.2 billion yen in total, according to survey of Japan Venture Research.

A number of funds increase more than double from 13 in 2012. The amount became more than 6 times than 30 billion yen in 2012. The average size tripled.

Venture Now 2/12/2014 [jp]

  • As mentioned several times in this blog, a large amount of money is coming into venture investment industry recently. But even if the amount increases six fold, a number of startups would not increase as the same pace. It will be more and more difficult for investor side to find good deals. 

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