Feb 18, 2013

Ad Platform, Geniee Raises Capital From YJ Capital / Cnet Japan

Geniee announced fundraising by allocating new shares to a fund operated by YJ Capital, Yahoo Japan's investing arm.

Geniee is an ad tech company launched by members who developed ad network business at Recruit in April 2010. It provides Geniee SSP, Internet ads revenue maximization platform.

The platform connects with DSPs, ad exchange, and ad network in 10 countries including Japan. The company established a subsidiary, Geniee International in Singapore.

Cnet Japan 2/18/2013 [jp]

  • Geniee announced a partnership with Yahoo Asia Pacific in January, which allows advertisers in South East Asia to place ads in Japan. The fundraising could aim to bring reverse direction of collaboration with Yahoo Japan. 
  • http://geniee.co.jp/

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