Feb 4, 2013

Ad Tech, Dennoo Raised $2M For Additional Money Of Seed Round / TechCrunch Japan

Dennoo develops a technology allowing publishers to count impressions only when ads are actually displayed and to charge display ads cost based on displaying time. The product will soon be released.

The current financing is $1.17 million, which finalizes $2 million seed round along with $0.83 million fundraise before. Investors are Nissay Capital, CyberAgent Ventures and individual investors including new persons and existing shareholders. ...

TechCrunch Japan 2/4/2013 [jp]

  • There are several hot topics regarding display advertising recently such as RTB or re-targeting in which several players from both large companies and startups have appeared in Japan basically copying services developed in US or Europe. However, Dennoo's technology seems more unique. It sounds reasonable even now, but will be more relevant if rich video advertising becomes more popular, which is expected to be very near future.
  • http://www.dennoo.com/

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