Feb 6, 2013

[TechCrunch] On-Demand Taxi Startup Hailo Raises $30M From USV And Others, Including Strategic Funding From KDDI To Launch In Tokyo

On-demand taxi service Hailo is looking east. After successful launches in cities throughout Europe and North America, the startup is intent on bringing its e-hail application to Tokyo. To do so, the company has created a Japanese subsidiary, and it’s raised some strategic funding from Japanese telco KDDI, in addition to Union Square Ventures, Richard Branson, and others. The funding plans were previously reported by AllThingsD. 
Hailo is one of a growing number of e-hail applications that connect passengers with rides, relying on GPS location to find the nearest driver and in-app mobile payments to facilitate transactions. The startup first launched its service in London in 2011, and has since been slowly adding new markets that it operates in. 
TechCrunch 2/5/2013 [en]

  • Tokyo does not seem an easy market to enter for such services as Hailo because of lots of small taxi companies including individuals and also I am not sure but probably some regulations specific in Japan. So, partnering with telcos like KDDI would be one of the best strategies for Hailo considering not only pre-install of the app but also KDDI's credibility as a public service for taxi industry.
  • https://hailocab.com/

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