Feb 6, 2013

[Sd] News curation app Gunosy raises $342,000 from angel investors

Gunosy, a Tokyo-based startup which runs a news curation service, announced today it has raised 31.6 million yen (approximately $342,000) by allocating new shares to several angel investors. 
The service pulls your interests and favorites from your social media accounts, and creates news updates that will likely fit your taste. It delivers a notification e-mail including links to your favorite news at a time of your convenience, usually once a day. With the funds raised this time, the Gunosy team plans to develop an Android app and refine their overall service quality.
Sd 2/5/2013 [en]

  • Along with exponential increase of any type of information, "discovery" has been a hot keyword recently to find something like apps or fashion items utilizing "social" technologies to analyze interest of users. News may be one of these things that people find it more difficult than ever. It might be not so easy to monetize with the current service, but there would be more various opportunity to succeed with their technology to analyze social data.
  • http://gunosy.com/

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