Feb 20, 2013

[Sd] Mixi tries again: New photo printing service ‘Nohana’ targets parents in Japan

Japanese social network Mixi (TYO:2121) just launched a new photo service named Nohana (meaning ‘wild flowers’ in Japanese) targeting parents with small children. This move makes a lot of sense considering that the early users of the social network, which launched way back in 2000, are now a little older and likely to have children of their own. 
The app is surprisingly simple and is completely separate from Mixi proper. After signing up, you can invite your family members by entering their phone numbers. Once this is done, you can upload or take photos with the iOS app and then every month users (in Japan) can receive a free (90 yen shipping fee not included) printed photo book. The first book of each month is always free, however each additional book costs 525 yen and there is free shipping for orders above 1,050 yen (about $11). 
Sd 2/19/2013 [en]

  • As mentioned in the article from Sd following on above quote, Mixi launched subscription based fashion commerce site last year and shut down just a several months later. Although it seems Facebook, Twitter, or LINE are taking over users of Mixi, it still has over 10 million active users. But it is actually decreasing gradually. Mixi should find alternative services to keep the users. Comparing a social networking service, the market of subscription commerce or photo book printing may be niche. It is still unclear how Mixi can fully take advantage of the current huge user base.

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