Feb 7, 2013

[Sd] Japanese social games developer Alt Plus set to IPO in March

Tokyo-based social games developer Alt Plus was approved on Wednesday to be listed on the Mothers market, a stock exchange for emerging companies. 
The gaming company was founded in May of 2010 by Takeshi Ishii who formerly worked at a VC firm as well a gaming companies such as Genki Co., Ltd. and AQ Interactive (acquired by Marvelous AQL in 2011). It has developed several gaming titles for the GREE platform, such as Bahamut Brave (not to be confused with Cygames’ Rage of Bahamut for Mobage), The Spirit of Fantasia, and Legend of Derbies King. 
Sd 2/7/2013 [en]

  • An exit of social game developers of either IPO or M&A has continued for the last several months. The industry is becoming a power game more and more. Top ranked games in grossing chart on both App Store and Google Play are occupied by large publishers recently.
  • http://www.altplus.co.jp/

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