Feb 20, 2013

[Tech In Asia] Yahoo Japan and GREE Invest $2 Million to Open Social Gaming Joint-Venture Next Month

Yahoo Japan and GREE (TYO:3632) announced today what they had teased a few months back – the launch of a joint-venture company that will focus on developing and running social gaming titles for smartphones. After committing ¥200 million (US$2.2 million) to this new gaming venture, a cat was then brought into the office and allowed to walk across a keyboard, creating the joint-venture’s tentative name, GxYz. 
GREE will hold 51 percent of the stake in GxYz, with the rest owned by Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO). 
Tech In Asia 2/18/2013 [en]

  • GREE recently announced downward adjustment for forecast in FY2013 ending June. It still has many hit titles on smartphone, but comparing feature phone age in which GREE and its rival Mobage literally ruled the world, the competitive situation becomes much more difficult along with emerging hit native apps like Puzzle & Dragons as well as a smartphone-native platform like LINE. While, since a change of management team in the last year, Yahoo has been accelerating partnership to focus on mobile. So, for both companies, the joint venture would be a very big challenge. It is interesting to see how DeNA will respond to the move.

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